• Luckie Daniels

    Who knew Ms. TEXAS would touch my heart this night?

    Even though I know we’ve made an AMAZING amount of progress in a short window of time, some days I go to bed thinking — what the heck are you doing?! Do folks get it? Can this work?

    Tonight, I know… at least 1 has gotten it! We are a community capable of supporting & championing one another. Our Ancestors matter. We will fight for their voices to be heard. And we’ll do it together.

    Thanks Sister… our Ancestors are in charge:)

    • @OurGerogiaRoots – Who knew is right — LOL! Oh Luckie, I must THANK YOU for the invite that started this whole journey off. I’ve loving every minute of the group and I look forward to all that this challenge has to offer. You just remember . . . Don’t mess with Texas — LOL!

  • Felicia R Mathis

    This is another great challenge and what a good way to break down those you know what’s that we have gotten stuck on…. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey and helping in this challenge as well… That’s what this group is all about!!!!

    • @MyNolaHeritage you are so right, and AAGSAR is exactly the group I needed to challenge me to take my slave research to the next level. THANK YOU for the invite and constant support my sister!

  • Renee Merrill

    Awesome post! You are inspiring me to “get it together” and get my AC posted! Thanks, new friend! Renee Ruffin Merrill

    • Hey Renee sis! THANK YOU so much for stopping by and checking out the challenge. Trust me when I say that you and the other group members are DEFINITELY my inspiration and motivation to take on this challenge. So get that AC posted and let’s get busy!!! Again, THANK YOU!

  • minkyadu

    This challenge is exciting indeed. Looks like you have all the sources I would
    add to your list of resources Church records for baptism, confirmation or
    marriage. In the Danish West Indies they had the state
    church and most of the slaves had to be baptized and name change in some

    • @minkyadoo – THANK YOU so much for that additional information!!! I had not thought about church records and the Routts were definitely members of a local church in Washington County. So I will definitely be adding that information to my list here shortly. Again thank you!!!!

  • minkyadoo

    Hi Liv:

    Although, “the ancestors are in charge” as Luckie
    Daniels puts it I know that it must be difficult being on the Ancestors Challenge journey during this time of the year however, I was wondering how the journey was coming.

    • Hi Shellye! Yes indeed, the ancestors are in charge and though the holidays are just about here, I have been able to get in some quality research time believe it or not! I had an opportunity to travel to the county seat (Brenham, Texas) where my ancestor’s lived near in October. Then the first week in November I got a chance to spent some quality time researching at the Texas State Library in Austin, Texas!

      So I’ve been quite busy! I’m also waiting to hear back from some of the government agencies, university’s special collections, and other archives I’ve written to for information too. So there’s lot going on behind the scenes. But I will be blogging about my endeavors and my finding real soon . . . woo-hoo!

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