• Kristin Williams

    I like your three choices. I hope to do more with my DNA, go with the serendipity and collaborate!

    • Thanks Kris (@kriswms2) so much for the positive feedback about my genea-goals this year! Oooo, I’m already excited about seeing what DNA discoveries you’ve be sharing with us this year. Again, THANK YOU!

  • M. Dawn

    I posted earlier about my genealogy goals for the year, and now I may go back and try to distill them down to a few words to help keep me on track. What a great idea to choose three words to focus on for the year. I wish you great success with the three, and am especially interested to read about your explorations with DNA. I have been amazed at how much my understanding of who I am and how I connect to others has shifted because of what I learned from DNA testing.

    • M. Dawn (@ancestorscall), thank you for the well wishes and the encouraging words you left for me here today! I marvel at the DNA connections you’ve made worldwide and the knowledge you have about this process. I look forward to learning all that I can so that I can make more family connections this year too! Again, THANK YOU!

  • minkyadoo

    Serendipty is certainly the whole aspect of Genealoy research, in fact it has made the whole approach to genealogy interesting. Looking forward to the E-book.

    • I believe you’re on point (@minkyadoo:disqus) — serendipity is what makes the whole approach to #genealogy so-o-o interesting! Thank you sis!

  • Teresa Vega

    Those are three good words. Now, I will think about my goals in three words. Great food for thought.

    • Teresa (@RRBBGenealogy) thank you for the wonderful feedback and for being the inspiration behind my genetic DNA endeavors this year. Again, thank you!

  • Bernita Allen

    I like your three word choices. They apply and make a lot of sense to me. Thank you for putting into words what I was thinking. Another great post. I wish you nothing but success with your three words.

    • Bernita (@alhupartu) thank you so much for stopping by and for the wonderful feedback about my genealogy goals for this year. Hey they say great minds think a like and I’m especially glad to know our minds are very much in sync with regards to our love for family! I’ll be checking out your genealogy endeavors and progress this year as well. Again, THANK YOU!

  • I absolutely LOVE this post Liv & your 2014 research strategy! If I had to apply one word to my research style it would be SERENDIPITY! My “go with the flow” approach has always lead to AMAZING discoveries. When you depend on you LESS, you can lean on the Ancestors MORE. It works! Collaboration? For our research it’s essential, how many times has a different set of eyes revealed something we missed? How comforting is it to share successes, challenges & the brutal truths we find among folks who really understand? And DNA — I’m in school with you! It’s a different branch of the SAME tree – Ancestors! Proud of you & ready for my eBook!:)

    • Luckie (@OurGeorgiaRoots), THANK YOU so much for #AAGSAR!!! You have given us – members & non-members (I’m especially thinking of Nahshon Anderson’s Zephyr Smith Scott right now) – such an AWESOME place for the legacies and memories of our ancestors to live on! Yes indeed, serendipity is definitely your style, and will definitely be a style I’m “claiming” this year as well — LOL!

      Oh and Principal Daniels, I don’t need no DNA test to tell me what “we” already know — This tree has got you covered cause . . . I’m Claiming Kin!

  • Denise Muhammad

    I absolutely love this! it makes a lot of sense.Thank you for sharing this Liv, you have given me much to think about!

    • Denise (@Deniseroots), thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! And if I have not told you lately what an AWESOME family historian and blogger you are, then hear me now — Denise sis, you are AWESOME! Thank you again for making #AAGSAR the success that it is!

      • Denise Muhammad

        Thank you Liv! I am honored and blessed to be part of such an amazing group!

  • Yvette Porter Moore

    I really enjoyed your post. I like the 3 words that you chose. I think all of those are words that would help my research along. I too have done my DNA and others in my family so I can learn more to connect.

    Collaboration has been key with AAGSAR, and I love it. You are so right on with Serendipity. We need serendipity to hang around as much as possible. I look forward to seeing more of your research and posts.

    • Yvette (@Rootdigger2011) it has been wonderful having you a part of the #AAGSAR Family. I’m especially pleased to hear that you are loving the experience! As my gena-buddy Shellye stated in a comment below, serendipity truly makes the whole approach of tracing ancestors a lot fun. I wish you continued success with your family research this year too. Again, thank YOU!

      • Yvette Porter Moore

        Thank you Liv!