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Blue Monday: A Devastating Loss for Lewis and Carrie Chappel in 1910

I now know that my great-grandmother, Carrie, was 3 months pregnant when her family was counted on April 18th for the 1910 census. How I know this? According to the 1903-1997 Texas Birth Index, on 19 October 1910, my great uncle, Lewis Blanton Chappel, was born! [1] [Abstraction] Certificate of Birth City – Houston County […]

Press Release: Gene By Gene Signs Agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center

If you’ve ever purchased a DNA kit from Family Tree DNA, then Gene By Gene, Ltd is the company that provides that test through their Family Tree DNA division. This company was the first to offer genetic genealogy testing to consumers over a decade ago. I’m especially impressed with the fact that their prestigious instruction and […]

Mystery Monday: Enumerated Twice in the 1910 Census?

What I enjoy most about is its intuitive search interface! After locating my great-grandparents –Lewis & Carrie (Blanton) Chappel– in the 1910 Census and adding data from that record to each of their Ancestry timelines a “shaky leaf” hint appeared! When I followed that hint, the historical record that it referred me to was […]

National DNA Day 2013!

National DNA Day 2013 is finally here and students, teachers, and the public world-wide will spend time learning more about genetics and genomics! This celebration commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003, and marks one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time — DNA’s double helix. In celebration of this monumental […]

Mystery Monday: Searching for Lewis Chappel (Part 1)

My mother’s grandfather, Lewis Chappel, has been an enigma in my family research for years now. By the time mom was born, he was already missing in action and no one, not even her grandmother who raised her, ever talked about him. The challenge of locating information about him will be great, but my desire […]

Texas State Genealogical Society Alert: House Bill 3252 – Closing Texas Birth and Death Records

I’ve been a member of the Texas State Genealogical Society(TSGS) since 2011 and what I’ve enjoyed most about my membership is being kept abreast of state legislation that will impact my research. So what is before the state right now? House Bill 3252 by Rep. John Zerwas that would close Texas birth records for 125 […]

Roots Tech 2013

We are just two days away from what sounds like will be one of the best conferences for technology lovin’ genealogists — ROOTS TECH 2013. This conference will be held March 21-23, 2013 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Registration starts as low as $19 for a Getting Started One-Day Only Pass for […]

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – A Fearless Female Blog Prompt

It’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun with genealogy extraordinaire – Randy Seaver — and tonight’s mission, should I decide to accept it is to blog about a “Fearless Female” in my family tree in celebration of Women’s History Month! Well, I’ve accepted the mission and here is my assignment (so cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 1) Read Lisa […]

Shopping Saturday: At the Heart of Texas – Foley’s

Shopping Saturday is a prompt genealogy bloggers use to share fond  memories about the various stores and vendors their families and ancestors patronized. The baby shoes I featured for Treasure Chest Thursday this week was the perfect lead in to a discussion I had with my mom about where she shopped for our clothes (particularly the […]

Treasure Chest Thursday: Mom’s Infamous Coin Purses

To bronze or not to bronze . . . was definitely not an option my mother worried about when she contemplated what to do with our baby shoes once we outgrew them. Our treasured baby shoes became infamous coin purses she filled with money and hid around the house in case of emergencies — LOL! […]

Military Monday: Sharpshooter Small Bore Rifle Badge

If I tell you that some really cool treasures from my father’s military days just keep showing up all around me, you better believe it! So what did I discover new about him this time? He was awarded the Marksmanship – Sharpshooter Small Bore Rifle Badge –  while he was a soldier in the Army from […]

FTU Winter 2013 Virtual Conference, February 22-24, 2013

Guess what? Oh you never will, so I will just tell you . . . In just a few days I will be attending my first FTU –Family Tree University’s — Winter 2013 Virtual Conference! I’ve been attending small, medium, and large B2B virtual conferences for quite some time. So I’m no stranger to Internet events […]

Those Places Thursday: Record Snowfall in Houston, February 1960

Today is “Those Places Thursday” and this blogging prompt gives me a chance to reminiscence about how and where my family lived and to write about “those places” via stories and/or photos. Ask anyone what is the first word that comes to mind when they hear the words Houston, Texas and I guarantee the word “snow” […]

My 3 Words for 2013

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago! But I was inspired lately by one of my favorite business bloggers, Chris Brogan the CEO and President of Human Business Works and 250+ of his blog readers, to choose three words that would help focus my goals and efforts in any endeavors I have […]

January 21, 2013 is a Significant Day in US History

Today, January 21, 2013, is a very significant day in U.S. History for: 1) We as a nation are celebrating the 57th inauguration of the first African American President, Barack Hussein Obama, for a second term; 2) My family and local community are spending the whole day observing and honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin […]

I Accept the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and Pay the Honor Forward

I absolutely LOVE surprises! So I cannot tell you how surprised I was to log online today to learn that I’ve been nominated — not once, not twice, but three times — for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by Mariann Regan at Into the Briar Patch: A Family Memoir (click to read Mariann’s nomination) by Cheri Hudson […]

Happy New Year, Claiming Kin turns 2!

Happy New Year everyone! Not only is today the first day of 2013, it is also the 2 year anniversary of . . . woo-hoo! Time really does fly when you’re having fun . . . for it doesn’t seem like I’ve been blogging about– all things genealogy — for two years. But I […]

Wordless Wednesday: Spending Time With Our Oldest Living Family Member

Well almost wordless . . . The Chapple~Smith Family Dinner my brothers and I hosted on 2 December 2012 was a HUGE success! It was wonderful seeing cousins (along with their adult children who have children of their own) I had not seen in many years. But what made this afternoon such a special one for […]

Blog Caroling 2012: Hallelujah Chorus

Blog Caroling 2012 is in full swing and this is my second year to participate in this wonderful online holiday tradition that was started by footnoteMaven some years ago! During last year’s online event, I posted one of my all-time favorite traditional Christmas carols — What Child is This? featuing Andrea Bocelli and R&B singer, Mary […]

Follow Friday: Memory Medallion, Stories in Stone, and Lifetime Lookback

It’s Follow Friday and today I recommend three websites that are using QR codes to bring cemeteries into the 21st century. Enjoy! Memory Medallion, a company started by Glenn Toothman, III in 2011, creates medallion Quick Response (QR) codes that install on tombstones and memorials. These stainless steel medallions give families an opportunity to create […]

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