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Do you remember where you were on April 4, 1968 at 6:01 pm?

On Thursday, April 4, 1968, at 6:01 pm, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down while standing on the balcony outside of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. Do you remember Where you were (and what you were doing) on the evening of April 4, 1968? I was eight years […]

Surname Saturday: My mtDNA Kit and Taylor Surname Project

“Welcome to the exciting world of Genealogy by Genetics!” – was the opening line of the letter I received with my mtDNA Kit from Well, I’m happy to report that my DNA samples are on their way back to their labs right now for processing – woo-hoo! Before placing my online order for a […]

Press Release: NBC’s 3rd Season of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ airs February 3

I’m probably just as excited about the return of NBC’s  “Who Do You Think You Are?” as I am about the release of the 1940 US Census on April 2, 2012! So if you’re a fan of this celebrity genealogy series as much as I am,  be sure to read the show’s official press release […]

Happy New Year, Claiming Kin turns 1!

Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for your friendship and support throughout 2011! Today is the first day of  2012 and it is also the one year anniversary of Claiming Kin . . . woo-hoo! Can you believe I’ve blogged about all things genealogy for one full year?! Yes indeed! Launching my […]

Wordless Wednesday: Taylor Siblings Enjoy Christmas 1959

Well, almost wordless . . . Christmastime was a special time of the year in my home. The Taylor siblings enjoyed Christmas and these photos from 1959 reflect just that! Mom said if she ever needed to find one of us in the house during the holidays,  all she had to do was go into […]

Blog Caroling 2011: What Child is This? featuring Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige

Blog Caroling 2011 is in full swing from December 7 – 14 and I’m so delighted to be a part of this online holiday tradition that was started by footnoteMaven some years ago! One of my favorite traditional Christmas songs is What Child is This? which was written in 1865 by William Chatterton Dix, an English […]

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Christmas Cookies

It’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2011 and today’s featured topic is – Christmas Cookies – and the questions are: Did your family ancestors make Christmas Cookies? How did you help? Did you have a favorite cookie? Making Christmas cookies is still a holiday tradition in our family! In fact, my mom pulls out her […]

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Santa Claus

It’s Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2011 and today’s featured topic is – Santa Claus! Did you ever send a letter to Santa? Did you ever visit Santa and “make a list?” Do you still believe in Santa Claus? The concept of Santa Claus was a very BIG DEAL in my home during Christmas time. I had the pleasure […]

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: The Christmas Tree

Today is the first day of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2011! So what is this online event about? Several genealogy bloggers in 2007 came up with the idea of creating an Advent Calendar that consist of different Christmas and holiday-related topics that would give genea-bloggers an opportunity to document and share how our families, […]

Wordless Wednesday: A Thankful Family Celebration

Standing (l to r): Nia, Nicole, John, Nina, Jon, Carrie, Liv, and Marcus Kneeling: Nichelle  and Elgin

Follow Friday: Finding Eliza, Reclaiming Kin, and Historic American Newspapers

Today is Follow Friday and I want to call special attention to a free online resource I’ve used a lot lately, as well as a couple of excellent genealogy bloggers whose rich content and research methods have been the inspiration behind my family research this month and beyond; enjoy!  If you’re a fan of genealogy blogs […]

Military Monday: Maybe a Forgotten War, but not a Forgotten Military Life

Veterans Day 2011 is this Friday (Nov. 11), and there will be celebrations and parades going on across this country to honor our veterans for their service, commitment, and ultimate sacrifice to this country! My father, John Taylor, was drafted at age 18 to serve in the U. S. Eighth Army’s 169 2nd Engineer Battalion […]

‘The Help’ and Me

Whether you believe the block-buster film, ‘The Help‘ is a “timeless and universal story about the ability to create change with a whisper (the movie’s tagline),” or it’s Hollywood’s “sanitized” version of what Jim Crow living and work relations were really like for many African-Americans in the South prior to the Civil Rights Movement, one thing […]

Follow Friday: Shakin’ the Family Tree, Clue Wagon, and Berry Craig’s Notebook

Today is Follow Friday at where we have an opportunity to recommend other genealogy bloggers, call attention to a specific genealogy blog posts, websites, and resources. So today I want to call special attention to a couple of terrific genealogy bloggers and a program that has been the motivation behind my family research this […]

Wordless Wednesday: Best of Friends


Sunday’s Obituary: Daisy Routt (1883-1963)

Daisy (Newsome) Routt married my 2nd Great Grand Uncle Jefferson Routt on 27 January 1917, and lived with him in Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas. Even though there were no children born of this union, her children from a previous marriage were listed under his surname in the 1920 US Federal Census. I’m not sure […]

It’s Family History Month at the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research

It’s Family History Month at the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research and below are events, news, and programs going on the month of October 2011 October 2011 news and programming Clayton Library Orientation Saturday, October 15, 2011 10:30-11:45AM Learn about the vast resources and how to efficiently utilize genealogical research materials housed at the […] turns 15! turns 15 and everyone is invited to a 15-day celebration of your story and theirs! Visit daily October 1st – October 15th to search some of their favorite collections for ancestors FREE and enter for a chance to win the prize of the day in their  — 15 Days of Discovery Sweepstakes! Click to […]

Surname Saturday: Routt, 2nd Generation – The Children

The 2nd Generation of Routt ancestors in my Texas Family Tree are the children of Osborn and Sallie Routt: Buchanon Routt, born 1860 in Chappell Hill, Washington, Texas, USA; he died ???? Jefferson “Jeff”  Routt,   born 1863 in Chappell Hill, Washington, Texas USA; he died 27 April 1935, Chappell Hill, Washington, Texas,  USA. He married Daisy […]

Wordless Wednesday: Turning 2

Well, almost wordless . . . I will be celebrating another wonderful birthday this month with all the trimmings (cake/cobbler, ice cream, gifts, etc.). I doubt any birthday celebrations I have today could ever top all the fun and joy I had when I turned 2 years olf in the photos below. OMG! Look at […]

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