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Tuesday’s Tip: Five Drawbacks I’ve Encountered Using Census Records has recently added the complete 1790-1930 U.S. Census to its already billion-record database. This is great news indeed! And to help them promote this new addition to their service,  they have asked Geneabloggers (via contest) to share any tricks, tips, or words of wisdom for first time users, or, offer some sage advice on […]

Road Trip: Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research

My road trip this quarter (on 20 August 2011 to be exact) was to join other family historians for an orientation of the fourth largest genealogy library in the United States — the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research. Let me say that this wasn’t my first visit to the Clayton Library. Before United States […]

Wordless Wednesday: My Tag Cloud, a Visual Reflection of my Roots

My Tag Cloud, as a Visual Reflection of my Roots

Tuesday’s Tip: Five Steps to Getting Started with Your Family Research

My return to family research with the launch of this blog in 2011, prompted a few family members and friends to ask questions about my research process. The number one question they all wanted to know was — how did I get started with my family research! Getting started is not as difficult as you […]

Surname Saturday: Routt, 1st Generation

Surname Saturday is one of the popular “Daily Blogging Series” going on at! This series is intended to give genealogy bloggers a chance to discuss a surname and mention its origin, its geographical location(s), and how it fits into their family research. So I’ve joined the foray and plan to share information regularly about […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Taylor Siblings

Well, almost wordless . . . Meet the Taylor Siblings!   The Taylor Siblings are Elgin, Jon, and Me! Yeah, I was being cantankerous as a little sister could be that day. All I know is that I didn’t want to sit down and be still for the camera and I didn’t mind letting the men in […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Joseph & Ethel Chapple

It’s Tombstone Tuesday and today’s feature is the burial site of Joseph and Ethel (Abram) Chapple in Golden Gate Cemetery in Houston, Texas. My maternal grandfather, Joseph Chapple, was born 2 Jun 1902 and died 23 Aug 1966. After the death of his wife, Estella Smith Chapple on 30 Jul 1930, he married Ethel Abrams […]

Sunday’s Obituary: Mose Blanton (1871-1922)

Eagle Lake Headlight, November 18, 1922 Blanton, Mose MOSE BLANTON BURIED SUNDAY Mose Blanton, one of the respectable and old-time colored citizens of this community, died at his home near town last Saturday and was buried Sunday. Mose had many friends among the white folks here, and was one among the best of the colored […]

Wordy Wednesday: The Face of Genealogy

This photograph of my father, John W. Taylor, in his late teens (circa 1945) is what I believe the face of Genealogy looks like! This Wordy Wednesday post is in response to the insulting photo posted on their site to publicize the upcoming 42nd Annual Genealogy Jamboree hosted by the Southern California Genealogical Society and Family Research […]

Talented Tuesday: Nicole L.Taylor

In addition to my genealogy road trip to Chappell Hill, TX and to the Mulberry Bower House the weekend of May 20, 2011, I also had the honor and true pleasure of seeing my beautiful and talented niece, Nicole L. Taylor, receive her Doctoral Degree in Vocal Performance with Opera Emphasis at the University of […]

Sunday’s Obituary: Lula Green (1867-1964)

Obituary I was just 5 years old when I met my great-great grandmother Lula for the very first time, and it wasn’t long after that meeting that she passed away. So, I’m sorry to say that I simply have no memory of her. But what I do remember is hearing family members speak fondly of […]

Treasure Chest Thursdays: Mulberry Bower

It was during one of my visits home for the holidays in 1998 that I came across the “5 Generations” photo that I featured for Wordless Wednesday, 23 March 2011. That photo featuring my 97-year-old great-great-grandmother (Lula Routt Green) is what launched my research into my father’s side of my family tree.  Based on a few […]

Wedding Wednesday: Green-Routt, 1888

It’s Wedding Wednesday and thanks to Chappel Hill, Texas Historian, Nath Winfield, I now have the marriage license of my paternal Great-Great-Grandparents, Jim Green & Lou “Lula” Routt! Jim Green and Lou “Lula” Routt were joined in marriage as husband and wife on the 27th day of September in 1888 by Richard Dickerson, Pastor of […]

I want to send some special (((THANK YOU))) vibes to Thomas MacEntee, the Founder of, and all the excellent genealogists from that online community who stopped by say hello, or who connected with me via Google Friend Connect this weekend! This blog along with 18 other newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs were featured […]

Sunday’s Obituary: Carey Blanton (1838-1891)

Colorado Citizen, August 27, 1891 Blanton, Carey Eagle Lake Item Carey Blanton, one of our best freedmen, died at his residence in town last Saturday night, after a long illness. Carey was an honest faithful and industrious darky and will be missed by the community.” I truly appreciate Gina Hefferman, the Texas Archives State File […]

Military Monday: Military Payment Certificate (MPC)

While rummaging through some of my father’s personal effects a year after his death, I came upon some interesting currency from his old Army days. What I found were some 5¢ and 10¢ Military Payment Certificates (MPC) he received while serving with the 169 2nd Engineer Battalion in Masiwa, Japan from 1945-1947. To better understand […]

Wordless Wednesday: In Mom’s Shadow

Sentimental Sunday: Carrie Blanton (1883-1944)

It’s Sentimental Sunday and this daily blogging prompt allows genealogy bloggers a chance to focus on a sentimental story or memory about an ancestor, or a wonderful family tradition. Carrie Blanton was born February 28, 1883 in Eagle Lake, Colorado County, Texas to Carey and Alice Bailey Blanton. Like her parents and eleven siblings, she […]

Wordless Wednesday: Five Generations

Well, almost wordless . . . . Five generations starting with the oldest to youngest . . . Great-Great Grandmother Lula Routt Green  – 1867-1964 Aunt Sallie Green Lewis – 1907-2001 Grandpa Willie Taylor –  1909-1985 Daddy John Willie Taylor – 1927-2010 Brother Elgin Taylor Brother Jon Taylor then . . . . Me!

Sentimental Sunday: Joseph Chapple (1902-1966)

It’s Sentimental Sunday, and this daily blogging prompt allows genealogy bloggers a chance to focus on a sentimental story or memory about an ancestor, or a wonderful family tradition. I had the pleasure of visually introducing my maternal grandfather, Joseph Chapple, to the World Wide Web community on Wordless Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Joseph is […]

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