• Sounds fishy to me too. And horrible. Who carries a pistol in their bra in the first place? That must have been some bra. Sad. And she never got any time at all.

    • Hi Kristin, your words and thoughts are my sentiments exactly, which is why I’ve titled this one Blue Monday. There is no way a pistol falls out of your bra and you end up shooting someone. Then when I saw the outcome of this case, all I could do was shake my head in disbelief! Like mother, like daughter . . .

  • Robyn

    I’m with you, I dont believe it either. Did you find those case details online? I wonder if you could write the courthouse & retrieve the actual case file that may contain more details? I am so sorry your family experienced not 1 but 2 of this type of tragedy;(

    • Hi Robyn! Yes, I found these case details online. And as you’ve suggested, I’ve written to the courts for more information and I look forward to hearing back from them soon. In the meantime, my research into this family has also revealed that Carolyn’s first born died at the age of 35. I have requested her death records because I’m very curious to know if she died as tragic as her mom and grandmother did!

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