Welcome to Claiming Kin’s bookshelf! I’m asked regularly what genealogy books and resources do I use with my family research. My answer to that questions is  — A LOT! But I’m also an avid reader. So my genealogy reading goes beyond the “how-to” books to also include a variety of other reads such as historical fiction, biographies, memoirs, etc. Below is a compilation of books that I either have on my bookshelf, or have read at my local library. So explore my titles and let me know what you think. As I read new books, I will add them here. If there’s a genealogy related read that you think I would enjoy, don’t hesitate to share the title and author’s name with me in the comment section below. Happy Reading!

Recommended Books for African American Genealogy

Recommended Guide Books for Genealogy Research


General Books of Interest for Genealogists & Family History Fans


Recommended Genealogy Publications


Recommended Genealogy Books for Kids and Teens


  • Adam Henig

    I love your selection of books. Some of them I’m not familiar with (such as One Drop). I’ll have to add them to my reading list!

    • Liv Taylor-Harris

      Thanks Adam for stopping by and exploring my bookshelf! Oh yes, “One Drop” by Bliss Broyard is an excellent read that explores the concept of self-preservation or self hatred with regards to why those who are black, but look white, choose to “pass” as white in society. Tough topic, but I think the author did a honest job with it as best she could.

      Another excellent book that I just picked up to read is (1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race by Yaba Blay. You may also enjoy exploring her website as well at

      Again, thanks!

      • Adam Henig

        Great. I’ll check it out. Thanks Liv!