• I am so glad that you enjoy FAG too! I just knew all of the wonderful photos that you have would be such a major contribution to that community. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Memorial Day to you!

  • Robyn

    What a GREAT idea! I want to do the same thing;) How did you create the site–is it basically setting up another blog or did you use some other software?

    • Robyn, thanks for checking out my Claiming Kin Virtual Cemetery; I’m glad you like the concept! Find A Grave makes creating Virtual Cemeteries a breeze and is one of their features that they hope you will take advantage of! There’s no need to create another blog or buy any special software. Everything you need is provided at FAG.

      If you already have a free FAG account, from your account dashboard under the “Customize” section click the blue “Edit” button by My Virtual Cemeteries. You will be taken to another screen to create a new cemetery which will be added to your FAG account. Click the [Add New] hyperlink, give your virtual cemetery a name, a quick description, and click save.

      Now visit one of your memorial pages and if you scroll down the page you will see the – [Edit Virtual Cemetery Info] – hyperlink. Click that link which will take you to screen where the new virtual cemetery is listed. Once you click the name of your virtual cemetery, it will automatically link that memorial page to it. Do this for every ancestor you can account for at FAG.

      So let me know how this process works out for you; I would love to leave some virtual flowers for all of your ancestors!