• Mariann Regan

    Good references! I’ll save this blog post, because I’m eager to learn more details about DNA. I’ve heard of these experts before, and I’ll save them among others. DNA is turning out to be a huge subject/

    • Mariann, thanks so much for checking out these great genetic bloggers. They are tops in their field and worthy to be followed!

  • Dante Eubanks

    What a great read Liv! As I am new to the DA discovery, I will follow your advice & read through the experts blogs to gain a better understanding of my raw data. I started with AncestryDNA but 23andMe is next on my things to do list! Thank you for this awesome post as well as the great information!

    • Dante I am so delighted you found this post filled with helpful information! I simply love their approach to the topic and ability to make it sound so less confusing — LOL! Thanks so for stopping by!