• What a nice surprise to find my Finding Eliza blog being recommended! Thank you!

  • Hi Kristin, you are so welcome! It is my pleasure to feature and recommend your blogs because I want others to stop by and enjoy your place in cyberspace as much as I do! I also want to thank you for being a regular supporter of claimingkin.com too!

  • Robyn

    How kind of you to include me! I’m truly honored. I don’t get to post as often as I’d like with this baby boy running wild, but genealogy is truly my calling & passion. Part of the joy is in meeting people like yourself who are equally enthusiastic. As I said before, we must be truly kindred spirits with our blog names!

    • It is my pleasure Robyn! I have learned so much from you and from all that you have published at your website. You love for genealogy is evident and I just want some of my online family and friends to check you out too!