• Robin Foster

    Hi Liv! I was out of town when you posted this so I am just seeing it. WOW! I am shocked myself. LOL!

    Anyway, I am glad we share the same passions. I am also honored to be in the same post as Randy Seavers and Kathleen Brandt.

    Thank you for the shout out. 😉

    • Hi Robin (@savingstories), thanks for stopping by and you are very welcome! Trust me when I say that it was my pleasure to feature you for my Follow Friday! I love the way you share “all things genealogy” with everyone! Please keep up the excellent work!

  • Kathleen Brandt

    Thanks so much for the kind words. What an honor to be mentioned here with 2 of my favorites – Robin and Randy. Looking forward to a summer of fun here at a3Genealogy!

    • Hi Kathleen (@a3Genealogy), it was my pleasure and you can bet I will be hanging out with you all summer long at a3Genealogy.com. Thank you for stopping bye!