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Follow Friday: Genealogy Blogs and Websites of AAGSAR Members

It is Follow Friday at and today I want to call special attention to some of the excellent genealogy blogs and websites of  AAGSAR members! Within 4 short weeks of this group’s inception, a total of 20+ new African American genealogy bloggers have answered their ancestors’ call – to be actively engaged in research, to share their findings, and to tell their stories!

I believe most of the breakthroughs I’ve made in my own family research lately have been due to finding blogs and websites of those researching and sharing information along same family lines. So as time allows, do check out some, or all, of the recommended links. Those highlighted in green are the group’s newbies to the world of genealogy blogging . . . woo-hoo! Please stop by and if nothing else say, “hello, or leave an encouraging word or two” — for they are some of the nicest family historians you could ever ((virtually)) meet; enjoy!

African American Genealogy Blogs

African American Genealogy Websites

  • tmacentee

    Excellent list of blogs! Please encourage each blogger to submit their blog to GeneaBloggers at so I can add them to the list there!

  • Thanks for posting Liv… We’ve done a lot in such a short time. We as a group have to continue to encourage others to get their Blogs up as well.

    • @MyNolaHeritage, I totally agree. We have done a lot in a short period of time. Our new bloggers are incredible and I wishing each of them continued success in their research!

  • @tmacentee:disqus – I’m very proud of all the new member blogs . . . woo-hoo! I will definitely pass your message on to them; again thanks!

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