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Follow Friday: Shakin’ the Family Tree, Clue Wagon, and Berry Craig’s Notebook

Today is Follow Friday at where we have an opportunity to recommend other genealogy bloggers, call attention to a specific genealogy blog posts, websites, and resources. So today I want to call special attention to a couple of terrific genealogy bloggers and a program that has been the motivation behind my family research this week and month; enjoy!

  • When I entered the world of genealogy blogging this year, the first genea-blogger to greet me, advise me, encourage me, and support me was — Dee Burris at Shakin’ the Family Tree! Dee’s blog is FABULOUS and what I enjoy most about her site, is her attention to details in her research. Her thoughts about her genealogy journey and family connections – the good, the bad, and the downright complicated – are refreshing to read and respond to. So be sure to check her out!
  • I am a fan of Kerry Scott’s blog, Clue Wagon. Why? I think she is one of the funniest, sharpest, and wittiest genealogy bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of  following online this year! She makes genealogy a lot of fun. To help you understand what I mean about her wit and great sense of humor, be sure to read her October 5th blog post – Scientists Discover Virus Responsible for Genea-Skankery.  That post is a hoot! So, have you ever been guilty of Genea-Skankery? If you’re not sure, or you simply don’t know what genea-skankery is, I recommend you stop by her blog and find out today – ROFL!
  • Be sure to head over to see  Berry Craig’s Notebook: African American Ancestry.  His interview with Ancestry Researcher, Pam Smith, is superb as she talks about  how she has traced her genealogy back to Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis. The most engaging part of her interview is when she talks about how one of her ancestors witnessed the brutal axe murder and dismemberment of a Negro slave, committed in 1811 by two brothers, Lilburne and Isham Lewis, whose mother was Thomas Jefferson’s sister and whose father was his first cousin. This true incident forms the core of  Boynton Merrill Jr.’s book  – JEFFERSON’S NEPHEWS — a historical detective story and account of frontier life in western Kentucky in the first decades of the nineteenth century.
  • Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kerry, thanks so much for stopping by and you are so welcome!!! Trust me when I say it is a pleasure for me to have such a great place like Clue Wagon to visit regularly — to learn, to laugh out loud , and simply be inspired as I tackle my own family history research . . . THANK YOU!

  • Dee

    You are such a sweetheart!

    Keep on pluggin’ away…


    • Hi Dee and thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!! I promise that I will keep pluggin’ away, because the love for genealogy and wanting to know more about my family runs through my veins!

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