• M Dawn

    Congrats on this milestone! You have great reason to celebrate. I appreciate all you’ve done to support us “newbies” just getting our feet wet in blogging our genealogy journeys.

    • M Dawn (@ancestorscall), THANK YOU so much for stopping by to celebrate this milestone with me! These are exciting times for AAGSAR and when I say that I have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with you and my AAGSAR family — you better believe it!

      Here’s wishing you and your family a Safe and Happy New Year!!!

  • Bernita Allen

    Happy Blogiversary!! Thank you for leading the way for us blog babies. Happy New Year!

    • Thank you so much for sharing in on my celebration today! I appreciate you and all the new #AAGSAR bloggers. Happy New Year and Happy Ancestor Hunting 2014 and beyond!

  • minkyadoo

    Congratulations! Happy Birthday

    I like your stats very nice.
    It is a wonderful feeling when your family respects your effort. May God continue to bless you as we enter into this New Year with the hope much will be revealed to us as we honor ourancestors and family.
    Thank you forgiving me the nudge that I sometimes need.

    • Shellye (@minkyadoo:disqus) my friend, THANK YOU so much for being a part of my celebration today. I truly appreciate you and enjoy our genea-connection very much! May God’s continue grace and love be with you and your family this year and beyond!

  • LindaRe

    Happy Birthday to the success of the blog. I enjoy your blog and look forward to many more inspiring posts.

    • THANK you so much LindaRe for stopping by and celebtating this special event with me. Happy New Year and Happy Ancestor Hunting to you!

  • Andrea Kelleher

    Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Year to you! 3 years is a wonderful accomplishment. Here’s to many more years of wonderful blogging 🙂

    • Andrea thanks so much for the well wishes this day. I wish the very same for you this year too; Happy New Year!!

  • Kristin Williams

    Congratulations on beginning your 4th year of blogging!!

    • Thank you so much @kriswms2 for the wonder well wishes for this year. I have this feeling that this will be an exciting year of research for me. So stay tuned! Again, thank you!

  • True! (Downton Abbey)

    Say What!!!!!!!! 3years! Happy Blogiversary Claiming Kin! Love you Much. Well Wishes throughout the YEARS to Come! Smooches!

    • THANK YOU so much True (@MyTrueRoots) for the well wishes . . . woo-hoo! Yes, it has been 3 fun years and this year will be just as exciting. Smooches back at ya sis!

  • Happy blog-iversary @claimingkin:disqus ! For 3yrs, your presence has educated, advocated & enlightened us all. You must never leave! #ImABigFan— The Leprchaunrabbit (@leprchaunrabbit) January 4, 2014

    • @leprchaunrabbit – You are so WONDERFUL! Thank you for the well wishes and thoughtful words of praise. Happy New Year to you!

  • FF Thanks for the RTs @claimingkin:disqus @one_descendant @RootsMapper and @DHGenealogy. Happy 3rd Blogiversary @claimingkin:disqus . You go, girl!— Susan (@samsposting) January 4, 2014

    • Thank you so much Susan; I so appreciate you. Happy New Year! @samsposting

  • Dee

    Belated happy anniversary, Liv! The time does fly, doesn’t it?


    • Happy New Dee! It sure does, especially when you’re having fun – LOL! Thanks so much for the well wishes; I truly appreciate you!

  • Dee

    Omigosh, Liv! Please accept my very belated congrats for your third anniversary.

    And where has the time gone? Just doesn’t seem as if it could be three years already.