• I too was glued to my TV during the ceremony. Obama’s speech was eloquent (I thought I heard a couple of phrases from Lincoln’s second inaugural speech, even) and very progressive, and it was a joy to hear what I think of as African-American “blues” stylings (and riffs) in both national anthems.

    What a delight to see the last 3 MLK day Google Doodles. I especially like the 2011 Doodle, with children playing hopscotch together so naturally. And thank you for Thich Nhat Hanh’s words. “You are the continuation of each of these people.”

    Even though there is so much denial and fear and paranoia and hatred yet to be worked through, maybe this nation will finally be able to get past its racism (and sexism and homophobia and classism). A day like this gives me hope. I’m so glad your family and community spent the day observing and honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Watching “The Abolitionists” lately has given me even more respect for his courage.

    • Hi Mariann! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings about yesterday’s inauguration event! Progressive is the ideal word to describe Pres. Obama’s speech to America. And considering that Lincoln is his favorite, I’m not surprised that his essence was heard throughout Obama’s speech!

      I enjoyed all of the singers who were apart of the ceremony and despite all the brouhaha about Beyonce lip syncing versus singing it live, I still enjoyed her performance of the National Anthem, not to mention she looked beautiful too!

      I agree, yesterday gives me hope for the future too. My ancestors believed in this hope and I am a product of their hope – a continuation of everything they believed in!

      The MLK Google Doodles are wonderful! I’m so glad I took the time to learn more about them. Now I will be on the lookout for other Doodles commemorating the lives of prominent people and events throughout this year!

  • minkyadoo

    Liv, I was consumed absorbing it all; and wishing I was at the inauguration. You see, I was there in 2009 and thought ‘been
    there, done that’. However, when it all began I was surprised thatI wanted to be there.

    The coverage ofthe inauguration, showed so many of the events that this time, I saw more of
    the activities of this historic day, than in 2009, and watching the firstfamily and the girls were so delightful.
    The Obama’s is a family that all Americans can be proud.

    Doodles are awesome.


    • Shelley, thanks so much for chiming in and sharing your thoughts about the inauguration with me! Oh WOW! I am not surprised that you wanted to be there again even though you were blessed and fortunate to be a part of history the first time he took the oath of office in 2009.

      Their daughters are growing into such beautiful young ladies right before our eyes! I especially like how they work hard at keeping them out of the limelight too for I know that is not an easy thing to do. You’re right, they are the type of family that makes America look good!The girls have parents who truly love one another and therefore, they see daily how a man should love, respect, and cherish them at all times!

      Glad you enjoyed the Google Doodles as much as I did! Again, thanks for sharing with me!