• Mariann Regan

    A very useful post. Serendipitous for me! My father was drafted into the U.S. Army in June of 1942. My mother was then newly pregnant with me. My father must have filled out one of these Applications, which I hope I can find through Nara. Just two nights ago, going through some old papers, I discovered my father’s Army serial number, which I can use for research. Thank you, Liv!

    • You are very welcome Mariann! I really got lucky with this document. My brother located this original copy (a bit worn and frayed) in a box that my father had stored away in the garage. I quickly put this document in an acid-free archival envelope to protect it from further damage. Yes indeed . . .having your dad’s Army serial number will definitely make accessing your father’s file go a lot smoother when you submit your request to NARA!