• Andrea Kelleher

    I can relate to you on being the baby of the family. Over the last two years I have learned things from my brother who is 6 years older than me. He knew things about my grandparents that I wasn’t aware of. What a wonderful thing to find indeed!

    • Hi Andrea, thanks so much for stopping by! Yeah, being the baby of the family has it perks as well as its drawbacks — LOL! Considering that my dad NEVER talked about his military life, I see the one thing he did discuss was my brothers was his expertise with weapons. And now I have the badge that substantiate that fact. Again, THANK YOU!

  • shelley@minkyadoo

    Your Dad mlitary service is the gift that keeps giving especially in terms of these treasures, he would of been so proud to see how you have cherish these items and hold them near to you. Returning home from World War II were difficult times for colored soldiers however, he served his country well and he is being appreciated each and every time you honor him. Continue.

    • Shelley sis, you said it perfectly! Dad’s military life is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for those wonderful words and you’re right America’s segregated Armed Forces was definitely a bitter pill for many of our African American men and women to swallow . . . which explains why my father came back from Japan and never, ever talked about his military life and experiences to anyone. Still, the more I learn about this part of his life, I am determined to honor him in every way possible. So I appreciate you sharing in the celebration!