• Great three words with meaning. Although my goals are similar, I’ll have to put thought to my 3 words. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kathleen! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts about my goals for 2013. The three words came quickly. The tough part was following Chris’ suggestion ” to look deeper than a single goal, but try to give an entire mindset to contemplate.” You’ve done a fabulous job building your brand around 3 words I really like – Accurate. Accessible. Answers! Again, THANK YOU!

  • minkyadoo

    Three (3) words that come to mind quickly are: Live love and Laugh, and Make it Stop. But for my genealogy goals: LEARN, in terms of taking a class attending a webinar/workshop. BLINDERS: what race horses wear so they only see the goal and no distractions. My determination to focus on my subjects and stay on topic. and PUBLISH:, to begin a 26 page e-book

    • Learn. Blinders. Publish. — Shelleye I like your three words very much. I see you have desires for writing and publishing this year too . . . This is excellent news indeed! Will your book be genealogy related? I’ve never written an ebook before but I’ve been reading some great how-to guides that have been helpful. So we’ll have to talk about this process more for sure. Thank you for sharing your three words for 2013!

  • Mariann Regan

    Your word “first” conjures up some really original ideas! A “new here?” page sounds like a terrific idea, and I hope you don’t mind if I imitate that! (IF I can figure out my blog’s software…) And explaining more the “story” of the genealogy process is great. I haven’t been doing that enough, probably because I’m afraid peeps will think my process is creaky and primitive (because I do). But you’re right — the point is to welcome and be open, not to “impress.”

    This connects with your second word, “Proof.” I feel the way you do! I went to the first webinar with Myrt and Laura Lorenzana that explained Evidentia, and that’s built on the Genealogical Proof Standard, which I’m trying really to absorb. It’s hard! I hope I can keep up!

    And I admire your dedication to publishing and marketing books! You can be sure that I will read your ebook for genealogical hobbyists. You are such an “upbeat” spirit that I know you will succeed in all of your goals. Cheers!

    • Mariann, I don’t mind you setting up a “New Here?” page at all! Please do for that was one of the suggestions Chris offered in his blog post that I mention in this post. I followed his lead and I must say, that I think my “New Here?” pages was the welcome addition that my blog really needed too!!!

      Thank you so much for your feedback about my post and your support of upcoming endeavors. I have never written a book before, so this whole process is so exciting, and a bit nerve-racking too — LOL! And thank you so much for those wonderful words of praise too!! I appreciate you so much and I look forward to sharing this journey with you and others this year!

  • Jen Baldwin

    Liv, I follow Chris Brogan, also, and went through this process for myself at the start of the year. My three are Clarification, Collaboration and Courage, my Cx3 for 2013!
    Love your words, and the way you have designed your plan. Looking forward to watching you progress through the year!

    I blogged: http://ancestralbreezes.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-three-words-for-2013-c-x-3.html

    • Clarification. Collaboration. Courage. — Those are some powerful words and attainable too. And likewise, I look forward to seeing you progress and grow throughout 2013 as well. It’s good to know you are a Brogan fan too. He’s great and his “human” approach to every aspect of life is what I enjoy most. Thanks so much for sharing your link for I am on my way to your place to read more . . . again thank you!

  • awesomeMT

    Nice post Liv! Love your post-it note! Great graphic!
    3 great words!

    • Awesome MT, I truly appreciate you stopping by my corner of the web and leaving such kind words about my mantra for 2013. THANK YOU and come again!

  • DFrostHolt

    Organize. Verify. Share.
    My goal this year is to Organize all my papers into accessible files. Then I want to make sure my findings are Verified before I pass on this history. I want to Share my findings with my neice, nephew, sons and cousins in an organized history format, hopefully by Christmas 2013. I’m also working on my vintage photos because I want them to be a part of this history that I pass on.

    • DFrostHolt, thank you so much for sharing your 3 words for 2013 with me; I truly appreciate you! Organize. Verify. Share. — excellent words indeed!!

      I’m also very delighted to hear that you are working on a publishing project this year as well . . . woo-hoo! If time allows, please let me know how that project is coming along and what company or service you decided to use for the final product.

      Again, THANK YOU!