• Mariann Regan

    Such excellent research–thoroughly analyzed census records, Genealogy Tip, map, picture. One mystery solved (I also like the shaking leaves and what they offer), and another opens.

    Somehow my “gut feeling” is that the discrepancies have more to do with the enumerator, Ida May Ford, or with those who gave her the information, than with life changes for your great-grandmother Carrie. Maybe time passed between the 2 censuses and Ida May forgot or didn’t have her references at hand? Many opportunities for confusion, and in the census-taking situation people don’t get awards for precision, and everything is accepted at face value.

    Maybe, though, your further research will turn up some surprises.

    I’ve also found terrific things through Ancestry’s intuitive search interfaces.

    • I love it when my genea-friends share their “gut feelings” with me about my research. So Mariann I thank you for following along on this journey with me and your instincts about the enumerator and others who offered details about great-grandmother’s life is definitely on point!

      I do look forward to where all this is leading me, that’s for sure — LOL!

  • shelley@minkyadoo

    This post is layed out so very easy to follow with intrique and mystery.

    One of Ancestry.com best feature are those hints. and member connections.

    when I’m looking at the US Virgin Islands Census during the the danish period, I noticed many times the children are not listed. Im wondering, well where are the children. Did they just count who was home that day, because I have been told oh they probably was at the school.

    Unfortunately there isnt any reference that I know of that tells you how the census were taken. So then you have to locate the school records. But fortunately with ancestry they do have a summary as to how the census takers enumerated the data; and that is most helpful…

    • Again Shelley, you offer some sage advise here! The idea that enumerators counted only those who were at home at the time has merit. And in this case with Aunt Rose giving all the facts about my great-grandmother to the Enumerator, it is very possible my grandfather (who was school age at the time) was missed in this count because he was attending school.

      I have not been using school census/records often enough in my research. So I’ve just added this resource to my checklist. THANK YOU so much!