• Mariann Regan

    You are so thorough and systematic! I’m sure you will find the others when you turn your radar on them. And there are so many Chappells in this directory that it must be hard to keep them straight, whenever a matching one — or a relative — turns up.

    • @MariannSRegan you’re so right! I started with just 2 Chappels in 1907 and by the 1920’s there were Chappels popping up everywhere — LOL! But to keep the confusion down, I focused on the street addresses of those I was able to identify. Then when I saw a new person living at that same address, I knew they had to be kinfolk!

  • minkyadoo

    Finding your grandparents both living and working together
    as servants is a good find. Instantly I
    thought of “Driving Miss Daisy” and “the Help” these films
    highlight those days. Your research
    shows there is another good story to be told.

    You have gleaned, and maximize the city directories. The results are
    awesome.This is very exciting as you find other Chappels along this journey. I
    agree stay focus on your subject. Afterwards go back and bring the other
    Chappels forward. The ancestors want their story told.

    • Funny you should mention “Driving Miss Daisy” . . . that movie came to my mind as well –LOL!

      Oh yes, my use of city directories was indeed the best resource. I’m still focus on Lewis that’s for sure!

  • Nell Bullock

    I Loved this post! It shows how much can be accomplished through persistence, perseverance, and plain old thoroughness. Good work. Inspires me thy o hang in there!

    • Hi Nell thank you so much for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Please do hang on in there for I know first-hand how challenging our ancestors can be . . . but it feels so good when we have a breakthrough which enhances our lives. Again, THANK YOU!

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