• shelley@minkyadoo

    Your GM was certainly fearless female, females drivers during that time were not common. Driving then took more concentration, as a kid in the back seat when my mom was learning to drive I would hear two words Clutch and Choke. Back then you could drive pretty fast no speeding cameras, very little traffic, a sunday drive was really a treat.Choosing to take the picture by the automobile shows her pride in driving. Great picture.

    • You summed up her reason for wanting to take a picture standing beside her car beautifully!!! Driving gave her freedom and independence. And she was definitely a woman who lived life on her own terms. She was such a lovely woman and a character at times. I sure have missed having her around in my life!

  • My father also told me stories of ya’ll Grandma Louise and her lead foot. LOL! Good choice and great photo!

    • Hey sweet potato #1! Hey, hey hey . . . what’s with all that ya’ll stuff — LOL! She’s your great-grandmother and I hear that you can put the pedal to the medal too when you’re driving to and from Austin. So I would say you got some of your great-grandmother in you for sure — LOL!

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