• Dee

    I’m definitely The Hunter or Detective. Aside from my own family history, at any given time, I’m working on 3 other family trees for dear friends unrelated to me. All 3 of them are Gatherer/Ancestor collectors.

    • WOW Dee! Are these 3 family trees an on-going project for you, or a one time assignment that you will soon pass off to the family historian to carry on? And do you charge a fee for all of the research that you do? I ask simply because there was some very interesting conversations going on on blogs about this fact. So thanks in advance for your input!

  • Robyn

    I’m partly Hunter/ Detective, a little bit of Analyzer and I’m trying to be a Scholar;)

    • I think that your assessment is on point, but I think you are more of an analyzer than you realize!

  • Robyn

    Liv, you are too modest here! I’ve read your research and you are certainly experienced enough to do others. I’ve found most people are just excited to get copies of census records;) And you reading gen books is more than alot of people do.

    • Thanks Robyn for your assessment of my research skills (it means so much coming from you). I just know that when I visit your site (and others that I follow online) I feel, no I know — I have some more learning and studying to do before I take on other’s family history projects. You guys are great and I believe the online courses that I’m taking will help me be as proficient with research strategies and resources as you. So, I’m getting there, that’s for sure!