• Liv, this is a fascinating post. (I’m repeating my response here because somehow I lost it!) I loved both the pictures of your dad–a very dashing fellow–and the interview with Lloyd Boston. When I read that Black men base their sense of style on “our need to remain visible in a society that often renders us otherwise,” I thought, Of course! That makes perfect sense. Visible in a way that is both dignified and interesting, I might add. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Mariann, thank you so much for the positive feed back about the interview and dad’s photos! I see great minds think alike because I thought that was a very powerful statement by Lloyd too. In fact, when he said it, Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel, INVISIBLE MAN, immediately came to mind. Just as that novel touched on a variety of issues plaguing the African American community, one in particular were the issues of individuality and personal identity. Again, thank you!

      • I read Invisible Man in college and was overwhelmed. It is just plain TRUE. We even had a college colloquium long ago (at Duke) at which Ralph Ellison, William Styron, and Jules Feiffer all spoke. Ellison was an impressive, unusually calm man. What a powerful book. I also like The Known World.

  • Dee

    Incredibly delightful post.

    *Love* the photos of your dad – not only how stylish he was, but also a very handsome man.

    And the interview is just wonderful – giving us a peek into fashion in African American history, and a source to go when needed.

    • Hi Dee! Thank you so much for the compliment about dad’s photos (which are some of my favorite of him) and positive feedback about the interview!

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