• Alice Keesey Mecoy

    What a beautiful woman and a touching story. Mama Lou looks like a friendly, open, and fun person. Thank you for sharing your family stories
    Alice Keesey Mecoy

    • Alice, it is so wonderful for you to stop by and leave such a lovely post about my grandmother. She was indeed a lot of fun and very much missed through the years. THANK YOU!

  • shelley (minkyadoo)

    What a wonderful story. Its a reminder as to how the ancestors coped with health issues. I just lost my dear cousin a known “Naturalist” to breast cancer this year, who never went to a doctor and used home/herbal remedies.

    I suppose in the last 3 to 4 years of her life she too had a lump and was determine that she would use the home remedies and would not visit a doctor.

    My dear cousin died at the age of 88 peacefully in her own bed. Everyone body make-up is very different. Let us take a moment and get tested because early detection is the best protection.thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Shelley, THANK YOU so much for stopping by and sharing in this tribute to my grandmother and sharing with me about your cousin who died of breast cancer too; I truly appreciate you! I agree, getting tested and detecting this disease early is the only way we can survive. Again, thank you!

  • Robyn

    Very nice blog post and lovely pictures. Was she your aunt?

    • Thank you so much. No, this feature is about my grandmother. My Wordless Wednesday feature and Breast Cancer Awareness tribute was about my aunt, Ella Louse. Again, thank you!

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