• Andrea Kelleher

    These pictures are real treasures! I hope you are able to identify some of the players.

    • I am beyond giddy over having these photos in my personal family collection. I have learned so much about my grandfather just through the photos a dear family member was gracious enough to send to me.

      I also keep praying that someone looking for information about an ancestor who played with this baseball team will arrive here and be willing to share what they know.

      Thank you for stopping bye!

  • minkyadoo

    OMG this is just an amazing find. Please keep us posted as to any identifying any of the players.

    • OMG is right! When I opened the care package and saw these photos along with other photos of my grandfather I was truly overwhelm with all sorts of emotions. I cannot wait for someone looking for their Maxwell House ball player to find me — LOL!

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