• When my sisters and I were little and visit Santa, to me, and probably to them, the “real Santa” was the one at the Downtown Foley’s.

    • I can certainly attest to that! There is nothing quite like the Foley’s experience and that goes for the Foley’s Santas too — LOL!

  • Mariann Regan

    Zowie, I have never heard of Foley’s (in New England or in SC, naturally). This is the first time I’ve heard the term “dry goods” in a long time. Foley’s seems to have made the transition from the well-known “downtown store” (where I always shopped growing up) with a budget section (like Filene’s basement in Boston) to a Mall store, until May and then Macy’s gobbled it up. Very sorry: closing its doors today!

    In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we shopped at department stores named Thalheimer’s and Bocock-Stroud, which were always exciting and more friendly than today’s. There were saleswomen to “wait on you” and suggest alterations for clothes. My aunt in Fairmont, NC had a wonderful private dress shop for ladies, in her house, called The Town and Country Shop. Department stores in malls, when I got older, were never the same. Every woman for herself!!

    • Mariann, thanks so much for sharing some of your favorite department store from the past with me here. Oh yeah before I forget, when the May Company acquired Foley’s in 1988, they acquired Filene’s in Boston at the exact same time! So if you liked Filene’s then you would have totally enjoyed Foley’s. Anytime someone visited H-town, Foley’s downtown was on their list! Again, thanks!