• Richard Chapple

    The main area in the uk for the Chapple name is the south coast around a place called”Beer” in the district of Devon….
    Richard Chapple

    • Richard, thank you so-o-o-o-o much for the information you’ve share. Listen, you’ve piqued my curiosity so much so that I’ve added this place called “Beer” in the district of Devon on my list of places to look up the next time I’m at the Clayton Library. Again . . . THANK YOU!  

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  • Jasmine Chappell

    Hello! I don’t know who you are or follow your website, but I’m doing a class project about investigating my culture, and I had been having a difficult time finding the origins of the Chappells (or Chapple or other spellings) in America until I found this! My family is also from Texas, so it would be great to know how we got there!

    Thanks for this resource!

    • Thanks Jasmine for stopping by and I’m glad that my research into the Chappel/Chapple surname of my family tree was helpful in some way with your class project. At least now you have some idea as to what the surname means and possibly where it geographically comes from.

      It is always a pleasure to meet others online with family from Texas. I wish you all the best with your school project and hopefully this school project helps you find out soon how your Chappell ancestors got here too!

  • Tiauna

    Okay, as I was reading the names and area locations, I think you may have a kin… My family not only carry the last name Chappel, but we also are from Eagle Lake, Tx as well…I’m willing to do further research and see what all I can find…

    • OMG!!! Tiauna, I will claim you as kin if we have a Chappel family connection or not — LOL! THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and responding to this post. I am excited and will be getting in contact with you very soon!