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Military Monday: Father’s Army Buddies

Below are a couple of photos of my father’s Army buddies I found among the few papers and information I’ve been fortunate to locate about my father’s experience in the Eighth United States Army. I’m not sure if this photo of Corporal McCleve and Private First Class James Day below was taken right after Basic Training, or while they served in Masiwa, Japan.

US Army Buddies 1945-1947

CPL McCleve & PFC James Day

Family members and I have looked at all the soldiers in the photo below very carefully in hopes that we may spot dad’s face. But we don’t see him. The inscription on the back does indicate that his friend – Jesse S. Deer – is in this photo. I just wish I knew who he was!

US Eighth Army 1945-1947

Colored Unit

back of photo inscription

Back of photo: “Luck to you Taylor” – Jesse S. Deer

If you recognize any of my father’s Army buddies, and/or have similar photos in your own collection, please don’t hesitate to contact me!