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Grave Curiosities Infographic

Grave Curiosities

The more I delve into my family’s history, the more I’m coming to the conclusion that — I love dead people! LOL! I know this sounds creepy, but it’s true. All of the great leads and information I’ve been able to pull together about ancestors has come from death certificates, funeral programs, and/or visiting graveyards. Today I had the pleasure of discovering iMortuary, a funeral home directory online. This site provides listings of funeral homes and cemeteries across the United States. It is a place  where  consumers  can go and access information about funeral home services, send funeral flowers, locate cemetery addresses, and initiate funeral planning.

Visit iMortuary.com blog and you will find a very interesting infographic called — Grave Curiosities — where they have “… scoured the internet to find odd and bizarre facts related to death throughout culture, history, and even celebrity.” Site owners go on to say that if visitors to their website find these weird facts and stats interesting, feel free to share this information with others. Well that is exactly what I’ve done below; so enjoy!

Grave Curiosities
Via: Funeral Flowers at iMortuary.com