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My 3 Words for 2013

I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a long time ago! But I was inspired lately by one of my favorite business bloggers, Chris Brogan the CEO and President of Human Business Works and 250+ of his blog readers, to choose three words that would help focus my goals and efforts in any endeavors I have for this year. So my three words with regards to my genealogy in 2013 are:

First. Proof. Publish.

First – as in “Every Day is Someone’s First Day.” This statement and concept comes from a wonderful blog post Chris wrote on December 12, 2011 when he asked business leaders how were they introducing themselves to new visitors to their blogs and websites. He wanted them to think about how they told their “stories” and were these stories being told in such a way first time visitors felt invited, welcomed, and comfortable to browse and learn at their own pace. In short, “When people feel brought into the fold, they want to stick around.” You know, he is absolutely right! When I think about distant cousins who may discover this blog, or another genealogy hobbyist who may surf in looking for news and information to use with their research, I want them all to stick around and connect with me here! So how do I plan to introduce “First” experiences at Claiming Kin? I launched a “New Here?” page and updated my “About” page on this blog to not only tell my story, but to welcome everyone and direct them to popular posts and topics that may interest them. To keep “first” experiences going strong throughout this year, I will blog more about my genealogy process and share the “stories” behind those processes often via the social networks I use.

Proof – is a fundamental concept in genealogy! As a genealogy hobbyist, I feel compelled to not just be familiar with the five elements of The Genealogical Proof Standard, but really know them and apply them more consistently in my own research. Why is this so important to me? Well, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do just about anything. And regardless to whether I am a hobbyist or a professional in this field, I want my research to be correct. I want other genealogy hobbyists who follow this blog to see research that’s done right. But more importantly, I want the family history that I leave behind for future generations to be factual and true, and the best way to accomplish that is by applying the Genealogical Proof Standards at all times.

Publish – as in writing and self-publishing a couple of new books this year! Internet technology has definitely leveled the playing field with regards to book publishing. Writers today have a variety of software and online resources available to them to publish, distribute, and market books to readers. I remember telling my mom during my young adult years, that I wanted to be a published writer. And though I’m one of the authors of “Invent the Future — READ! Texas Reading Club Manual” that was published statewide in 2000, I think it’s time that I publish a couple of books of my own. One book will be dedicated to my family, and the other will be an ebook for genealogy hobbyists, like me, to enjoy!

Have you set some genealogy goals for yourself this year? Yes?! No?!
Maybe you also feel inspired to choose *three* words that would help focus your goals and efforts with your family research this year. If you are, what three words would you choose? Share those words with me if you like!