• Mariann Regan

    Oh my heavens, I’m so glad that TSGS is fighting this measure with all they’ve got! So many of the state legislatures have gone fairly crazy in recent years, passing extreme legislation. Sometimes I wonder whether our elected officials really read bills and really listen to arguments.

    I wish TSGS strength. Hang in there!

    • Thanks @MariannSReagan I’m definitely trying to stay hopeful that this bill does not pass. I check the website everyday when I get home from work to see if it has passed or died a quick death – LOL! Only time will tell . . . closing these records WILL NOT prevent identity theft or fraud as they think it will. As long as cemeteries are open to the public where birth and death info runs the gamut, identity theft and fraud will continue!

  • Justin L. Smith

    Dear Representative Zerwas,

    My name is Justin L. Smith and I am a citizen of Texas. Having many family members who were born, lived and died in Texas, and having benefited from being able to access their birth and death records, and knowing many people who have done the same, I am very alarmed at the new unnecessary legislation that you have introduced. I am especially concerned about restricting death records, as these cannot be used for identity (a dead person would not be trying to be identified!) and even though they do contain social security numbers, there is a such thing as the Social Security Death Master List that contains the social security numbers of deceased people, so such a number is useless to one who is attempting to create a false identity. I strongly urge you to cease and desist your efforts to further impede access to such records. It will only bring bad fruit, it will not help you in your campaign against identity theft. Good, law abiding people who only want to be able to access family records in the very meaningful quest for family history and for health history (it is nice to know what genetic issues one is predisposed for) will suffer from this. Thanks.

    Justin L. Smith
    469 262 8021

    • Oh Justin, THANK YOU so much for stopping by and sharing a copy of your letter with me. I truly appreciate you and everyone who has made a point of contacting their Representation about this very issue. Again, THANK YOU!