• minkyadoo

    Now that’s the kind of road trip I like, well planned! The
    History Centers is just a place where you just want to do a sleep in the comfort
    of history. That’s the feeling I had
    when I visited the Archives of Atlanta. I
    didn’t realize that the history centers held the directories amongst so many
    documents. The newspapers put everything
    in perspective in terms of the way people lived.

    • Hi Shelley (@minkyadoo:disqus)! Yes, this road trip was an excellent one. There was not a lot of traffic so my ride to Galveston and back took no time at all. The library was buzzy with patrons, but wasn’t so crowded that you could not get one-on-one assistance if you needed. The GTHC was really nice and I do plan to visit there again very soon. But most of all having that library card to access the databases that they are their patrons was very kewl. I am going to send their Friends of the Library a donation this year for sure!