• Mariann Regan

    I’ve read in “Slavery and the Making of America” (by Horton and Horton, PBS series) that African-Americans were brave soldiers in every war starting with the Revolutionary War, but that when the next war came, the white establishment “forgot” about all their bravery and at first banned them from serving. They found a way to serve, anyway! I’m glad to hear of this breakthrough film, praised by Langston Hughes, that helped to get rid of stereotypes. I’ve saved this URL to watch later.

    • Thanks Mariann for for sharing your thoughts about this film in celebration of Veterans Day. I’m so glad that I located this film for I never knew it existed. In fact, I plan to look check out all the films that make up this series.

      You’re so right — African Americans have participated in every war since the birth of this country despite all the odds stacked against them. Resilience is the word that immediately comes to mind as I watched this film. So let me know your thoughts when you’ve had a chance to see the film!