• shelley @ minkyadoo


    I had to take a double take Snow in Houston,

    Hey Houston we got a problem called “Global Warming” in 1960. Love those pictures, your brothers look well
    prepared for a fun fill day. Snowman and all.

    • Shelley @minkyadoo, I can certainly understand your double take on this one! I did a double take myself when I saw these photos too — LOL! Yep, some Global Warming was definitely going on somewhere to cause all that snow in Houston back then. All I know is that I was too “wittle” to play it with them –boo-hoo-hoo!

  • Mariann Regan

    Never would have imagined snow in Houston. And 20 inches! That must have shut down the city. Love the pics of your brothers, who know right away what to do with snow. I grew up in NC, and snow was so rare we all went nuts the half-dozen times we got some. Traffic came to a stop in 2 inches of snow.

    • Hey @6b0c520a79b761cad1ebd94cc1e36588:disqus! Oh it definitely shut this city completely down. Come to think of it . . . my brothers were 10 and 7 at the time and if they were home playing in it, they were probably out of school that day. Going nuts sounds just about how everyone here behaves when we are blessed to see snow in our city!