• Now that is precious.

    • Hi Kathleen! I am amazed that after all these years mom still has our shoes — LOL!

  • Cheri Hudson Passey

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! Better than just sitting on a shelf gathering dust!

    • Hi Cheri, you know you’re right about that; thanks for being here!

  • minkyadoo

    That is a treasure, I wish I wish I still had the shoes. I remember my mom had them as bronzed and was set up as bookends. Never to be found again through the years of moving around. However, I could look for those grand-kid shoes. I went on the site, very creative.

    • I cannot tell you how surprised I was to know that mom has had these shoes now . . . over 50 years! Yes, I think doing something special with my granddaughters’ baby shoes would be ideal; thanks so much for reminding me of that!

  • Mariann Regan

    The collection on Pinterest is full of great ideas! I’m ashamed to say that I have one pair of baby shoes handed down from the previous generation, but I don’t know whose they are, and neither did the person who gave them to me! Anonymous baby shoes, kind of bronzed (though they look more like a pewter color).

    However, we are going to have our first grandchild, a granddaughter, if all goes well, in a few months. I’m going to show your pinterest collection to my daughter! I think she’ll love it.

    • C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on the upcoming birth of your first grandchild! I have three grand-divas that are what sugar and spice and everything nice is all about. I’m so glad that you had a chance to explore the collection on Pinterest and I’m sure you and your daughter will find a baby shoe project that’s perfect!

      • Mariann Regan

        Thank you, Liv, I just saw that your response was on email! I hadn’t checked my email yet.

        Three grand-divas. My daughter is a diva, so I’m pretty sure her daughter will also be a diva. Hubs is already talking about a “matriarchy,” LOL.