• Keith South

    Fabulous to have the picture of your Dad and the camera together…. and to have the camera itself. A wonderful sense of connection. The catch will free up with exercise, and a drop of WD40 or similar. Thanks for the link! Keith, from the Living Image Camera Museum.

  • Greetings Keith and THANK YOU so much for stopping by and for providing such a FABULOUS site about vintage cameras for someone like me to link to, read and refer to often. The WD40 tip you give is an excellent one that I will use for sure; I truly appreciate you!

  • Msualumni33

    Aren’t you the lucky one to have a photographer dad…my dad is also a photographer. This is a nice photo. Hey–how was the Houston Expo?

    • Liv

      Hi Robyn! Thanks so much for checking out my photographer dad and yes, inheriting all of his cameras and camera accessories has been a true treat!

      The Houston Family History Expo 2012 was GREAT! I learned a lot and have been putting into practice those things that I learned. As a result, I haven’t blogged much this month due to all the research I’ve been involved in. But, I plan to get back in the grove with my blogging soon because I have some great new information to share about my family, and to talk about the excellent genealogists I’ve had the pleasure to meet this month too. So stay tuned!