• Hi Marlive:
    Now I want to fly to Texas and take the train ride back home to California!!

    • ROFL!!! Hey sis, I know what you mean. Considering the number of ancestors I had involved with this industry, I’ve never taken a train ride in my life. I think that I will rectify that issue next year!

  • Dee

    Oh Liv, this is a wonderful historic post, especially since with the postcard illustrations. Are you becoming an old postcard collector? If so, you might like using some of them in posts linked to Sepia Saturday…

    • Thanks so much Dee!

      When I think about the fabulous Sepia Saturday collections I’ve seen online, I can safely say that I won’t be joining their ranks because I just don’t have very many great photos to share (boy how I wish that wan’t the case)! No, I’ve just been fortunate enough to have just a few vintage items that I’ve been able to successfully identify, research, and blog about their significance to my family’s history.