• That is a dream come true! Yay for you!!  Did he have or know where the records were?

    • Hi Kristin, thanks for checking out my feature for today; I truly appreciate you. Because this property belonged to his family and he did spend time there as a child he had access to this information. I am just grateful that he shared the details because he could have chose not to. Again, thanks!

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  • Shelley

    Hit Paydirt, imagine, OMG ,Wow, great find. A few adj that come to mind, I can only imagine the emotions on the road trip returning home. Hope this can lead to more treasures.

    • This was truly an amazing treasure to have sent to me. It definitely gave me new leads to information about the slaveholder. I’ve done some research on them, but more research is due to come!

  • Mariann Regan

    This was a once-in-a-lifetime find, surely! From your contacting the town’s historians, the direct descendant of the owners of Osborn and Sallie wrote back to you, with a drawing and photograph! We expect this kind of information to be long lost. But here, people “stayed in place” and let time pass. Time, with its powerful effects.

    Did you ever see a documentary film called “Moving Midway”? Someone recommended it to me recently. It’s a film about physically moving an old plantation house, but it turns into quite a genealogical story! Many different views of Southern ways are expressed during the film, some of them quite subtly and some of them very frankly. It has some amazing scenes, especially toward the end.

    • This truly was a once-in-a-lifetime find! In addition to these items, he also sent me a copy of my 2x great-grandmother’s marriage certificate that I shared online at this link – http://claimingkin.com/wedding-wednesday-green-routt/ He truly helped me a lot with this information!

      I have not seen the documentary that you mention above, but I want to very much. I will do a search for it here shortly. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing that information with me!

  • alma_busby

    Hey, kin! My great grandmother was Olivia Routt. Her parents were Leona and Tag Routt. She was brought up on this Routt land.


    • Alma Busby, you have truly made my day and I soooo appreciate YOU for reading my post and letting me know your grandmother’s connection to the Routts in Washington County, Texas too. I would love to hear more from you about your grandmother’s life on this land. Are you researching your family tree by chance? I would love to know how you’re coming along with your family research. Again, thank you!

      • alma_busby

        Oh my goodness, I am thrilled to hear from you!!! You have inspired me to find out more!

        My great grandmother told us stories about Chip Routt all the time. She was born in 1886, and died in 1995. She was really close to her siblings.


        • I am over here grinning like a chesire cat over finally making a family connection with someone who has Routt ancestors from this area . . .woo-hoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending her year of birth. With that information and her parents’ names I’m going to go through many of the records, files, and notes that I currently have and be on the lookout for them in any current research that I do this coming weekend.

          Thanks for sharing your email address with me too! I’ve added you to my kinfolk address book — LOL! This is truly exciting and such a blessing too. Take care and I will be in touch with more information soon!

          • alma_busby

            I’m so overwhelmed and grateful. My 83 year old mother says you are a blessing.

            We are truly family!!