• minkyadu

    Looks like Clayton Library offered some very good techniques and resources during the month of March. Finding our fearless female ancestors can be quite challenging as you know. The Second Wives Club and the Case Study must of been very helpful. I had been researching a female ancestor for over 8 years and it was through a second marriage something I never thought possible however, it was in that application that her her parents were identified, and the bricks came tumbling down. What a feeling.

    • Hey @minkyadu:disqus it is always a pleasure to hear from you! You’re right the month of March at Clayton was a major plus for finding those female ancestors in our family tree. Congrats on your find!! I’ve been trying to pinpoint the death of a great uncle for some years now and last month’s workshops helped me locate and order a copy of his wife’s death certificate which he was an informant on — YEAH. Locating her, helped me at least pick up the trail of where he was living in New York in 1948. So those case studies definitely came in handy for me.

      Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter weekend!