• minkyadoo

    Willie Taylor certainly got my attention, what a dresser and a good looker. What year do you suppose this was taken.

    • @Minkyahoo, my mom recently had a chat with my aunt about this photo, and my aunt believes he was 27 years old in this photo. So this photo was taken around the mid 1930’s, particularly 1936, given his age. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing photos of my grandfather as a young adult. I have always thought he was a handsome man and these photos confirm it!

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  • Dante Eubanks

    WOW, Mr. Willie Taylor sure did strut his stuff in style. I love looking at the pictures of old as they tell so much about the person just by their stance, dress, and expression. Thank you for sharing your Grandfather with us!

    • @DanteEubanks thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my very fashionable and distinguished grandfather. Oh yes! Poppy’s swag was definitely a smooth one. And I’m just so tickle pink to finally have a picture of his as a young adult in my family album!