• minkyadoo

    I find with this Act Of Love there is alway a relative willing to share a picture, document, etc with someone that shows appreciation. Im glad they sent you the care package. Well you started the bit and here is mines. Here is my grandfather Julius Curtis Bough 1889-1936

    • This truly was an “act of love” for my aunt to entrust these photos of her father to me! I have some more wonderful photos of him that I will be sharing in the coming weeks!

  • minkyadoo

    With this act of love that we do, I have been finding out that someone out there has what you want in terms of pictures and there is always someone willing to share, depart with an heirloom with someone who shows care and concern Hey your that person. (very handsome pics)
    Well you started this Liv here is my grandfather
    Mr. Julius Curtis Bough 18891936

    • Oh @minkyadoo:disqus, this photo of your grandfather is WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing him here. Did you do this drawing? When was this done? Let me know.!

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