• minkyadoo

    Jessie Earl Greene may have had a third grade education he
    possessed the true education which is character and
    What an honor to have him inyour family tree, what a legacy he left behind. The blend of coffee beans that you mentioned. I wondered if that blend has remained on themarket. Very interesting and amazing inspirational story you have shared with us.

    • So true Shellye, so true! I am honored and proud of the legacy both my uncle Jesse and grandfather Willie left at Maxwell House. I honestly believe that company is all the better for having had them in their midst for 47 years!

  • Nell Bullock

    What a feat! And with only a 3rd grade education. Wow! Forty seven yes. With one company….Heck companies become defunct, close up shop and are forgotten in that amount of time.

    • Nell, you got that right! Then when I think about how companies are structure today, I don’t think I want to work 47 years for them either — LOL!

      Thank you for allowing me to share Uncle Jesse with you. I appreciate your visit!

  • Lori Nash

    Jesse is my grandfather. So proud to be apart of this family. He was a God fearing man that believed in always giving back. Thanks Cousin Marlive for your tireless efforts in your search for OUR FAMILY TREE. May God continue to Bless Our Family. Love you!