• Mariann Regan

    These are big discounts, Liv! July 26th will come too soon for us, though. We’ll wait for the next round.

    • I agree @MariannSRegan, these are some great prices, but I totally understand too. If you decide on FamilyTreeDNA, then I want to encourage your to join via the Surname Project “Reagan” because if you do, you will get a discount on your test kit even when this sale ends. So check it out; here’s the link – http://www.familytreedna.com/group-join.aspx?Group=Reagan

  • minkyadoo

    That’s a pretty good result, by giving you the country of origin you can now proceed to bring that forward, just knowing is also nice. In some parts of the states there is such a large Nigerian population perhaps they might have some clues. All in all I got to get started quickly.

    • @minkyadoo, I was so excited to get this information! Thanks so much for this advice!!! I’ve been focusing so much of my time searching for great-grandfather Lewis, that I haven’t delved into my test results just yet. But I plan to real soon and what you shared is going to be very helpful!